IGNOU has consistently get acknowledged as a premier centre of learning in the field of distance education. IGNOU is offering a right direction to those who want to pursue higher education in any field but are unable to do so in a regular educational institution. As IGNOU has it's own way of teaching and testing, it make students to learn in a most efficiency manner, marks assigned to every student in every field of study in 2 parts : IGNOU examinations and IGNOU Assignments. The former one are the term-end examinations which are common in every field of education. So students become familiar with these type of examination But the later one i.e IGNOU Assignments are uncommon or new for students.

In this distance education university, to get promoted to a higher standard apart from passing the examination, a students has to submit the completely solved IGNOU assignments with in the stipulated time period given to them by the given study center. For the passing results, completion of both parts is compulsary . So we can say that IGNOU Assignments are equally important as the term end examinations.The IGNOU provides an efficient learning and a learner centric approach to the distance education with the means of assignments and projects. With the help of assignments, students will be able to learn according to their pace of learning assignments encourage the students to go through the study material atleast once before their term-end examination. Each and every subject has it's own separate assignment.

As there are no regular classes for the assignments & thus students have to solve them on their own way. They can take help from the study material provided by the university & the reference books for the subjects available in the market. Students should follow the word limits given for the questions. They must be solved unit wise. As IGNOU offers distant learning it provides correspondence courses & for each session students receive study material & the assignment at their portal address. The Assignments are compulsary and need to be submitted before the term - end examinations. The assignments are submitted at the study center given to the student. Hence, completion of IGNOU assignments are as equally important as the term -end examination. To download the Latest IGNOU Assignments question papers 2018-19, Click on the below mentioned link :

IGNOU Solved Assignments 2018-19


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