IGNOU Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Solved Assignments 2016-17?

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Latest IGNOU Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Solved Assignments 2016-17

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In IGNOU, every year many Students enroll for the bachelor programmes in the field of Bachelor of Education. The Indira Gandhi National Open University provides facility to the students to take admission in the various Bachelor of Education programmes. The term end exams for these course are held every year in the month of June and December. Before filling up the Term End Exam form , students need to submit the IGNOU Bachelor of Education(B.Ed) solved assignments 2016-17 for all the courses in the first as well as second year. Students need to submit the IGNOU Bachelor of Education Solved Assignments before 31st March, 2017 for January session and for the July session, the date for assignments submission is 30th September, 2017.

Some times it becomes little difficult for many students to complete their IGNOU B.Ed Solved Assignment work on time due their busy schedule.This is because most of the IGNOU students do job and it is hectic for them to give time to both study and Job. So, that’s why we are here to provide help to these students to solve their IGNOU B.Ed assignments for the particular year or session. Also, the solved assignments can help students in their term end exams as they can read out these questions and their answers during the exam preparation. Every year the university provides the new B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) assignments on its official website : www.ignou.ac.in. These assignments constitute 30% of the total marks of particular course and rest of 70% marks can be generated from Term End Exams.The assignment question papers can be downloaded from the following url :  https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/Assignments/bed.htm.

So, it becomes very important for the students to make good IGNOU B.Ed Solved Assignments 2016-17 and secure good marks. If you are unable to solve the B.Ed(Bachelor of Education) assignments, you can contact us via email mentioned at the start of the post.

The courses for which assignments need to be solved for the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
programmes completion are :

Curriculum And Instruction(ES-331), Psychology Of  Development Learning(ES-332), Educational Evaluation(ES-333), Education And Society(ES-334), Teacher And School(ES-335), Teaching Of Science(ES-341), Teaching Of Mathematics(ES-342), Teaching Of Social Studies(ES-343), Teaching Of English(ES-344), Educational Technology(ES-361), Computer In Education(ES-362), Guidance And Counseling(ES-363), Distance Education(ES-364), HIV And AIDS Education(BESE-65), Adolescence And Family Education(BESE-66), Entrance Guide Book(B.Ed).

About IGNOU Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) :  IGNOU Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
is a two year programme(minimum duration) and 4 year programme( Maximum duration). For this programme the yearly system approach has been applied by the university.  Students can download the IGNOU B.Ed Assignment question papers from the official website. The main objective of the Programme is:

  • To systematise experiences and strengthen the professional competency of in-service teachers.
  • To imbibe the knowledge and develop understanding of various methods and approaches of organising learning experiences of secondary school students.
  • To develop skills required in selection and organising learning experiences.
  • To understand the nature of the learner and of learning processes.

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